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Moose Chanter Cap
Price: £16.00
Product ID: MP/MCC1
Another clever product from the animals at Moose. This chanter cap (shown here upright and end view) tightens on the chanter using an offset cam lock system which eliminates chewed up hemp on the joint. The cam also allows air circulation which helps the reed dry out if you don't put it away TOO wet.
Moose Valve
Price: £29.00
Product ID: MP/MV1
Not what you imagine when you hear the name? This valve fits in the blowstick stock (not a moose). A silicone tubing shielded expansion joint tightens with the included wrench and - voilĂ ! Not only do you have a valve securely fitted valve in the stock but it also acts like one of the old-time tube and cork water traps as well.
Mouthpiece protectors
Price: £3.00
Product ID: MPP
Silicone tubing cut to 1.25 inches to protect both the mouthpiece and your teeth if you are a "biter".
Taktell Metronome
Price: £42.80
Product ID: TKT
One of my favourite bits of kit. It's small, fits in your case, has a protective cover over the arm and a built in key for winding; can't be lost. A simple ,old fashioned "tick tock" metronome, which I prefer because the the arm moving back and forth you can see the approach of the beat and it is consequently easier to adjust your tempo. Essential equipment if you 1) want to be a "rhythm machine" when you play dance tunes, 2) want to make sure you're not ahead of the offbeat in your marches, 3) want to balance the internal rhythm of your embellishments.
Price: £20.00
Product ID: TD1
A very clever device that traps a good deal of moisture. Splice it into your existing water trap tube. Pour access moisture out by removing the blowstick and tipping the tube up. Does not work with a Moose valve installed. Installation instructions included.