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A Few Tunes and Mair
Price: £10.50
Product ID: BK AFT
Ann Grey's Collection Vol.2
Price: £19.50
Product ID: BK AGC
The second volume from the well known Canadian piper, judge, performer: Ann Grey.
Bagpipe Music for Dancing
Price: £14.00
Product ID: Bk JMacL D
Compiled by Captain John MacLellan, past instructor of the Army School of Piping, this book has all the tunes a piper needs to learn to play for Highland Dancing. At 33 pages it contains tunes for solo dances, team dances, and country dances. A well organized concordance gives you tempo, intro length, dance length, and number bars per step of various dances. The foreword also has brief notes about playing for dancing and about some of the dances.
Cabar Feidh Collection
Price: £42.00
Product ID: Bk QOHCF
Ceol Chaluim
Price: £10.95
Product ID: BK CCal
The Pipe Music of the late Calum Campbell of Benbecula.
College of Piping Tutor Book 1
Price: £17.00
Product ID: Bk COP1
Often known as "The Little Green Book" It now sports a completely new cover. Updated and corrected, it remains one of the industry's standards for instruction and comes with a CD.
College of Piping Tutor Book 1 in French
Price: £17.00
Product ID: Bk COP1 FR
A French translation of "The Little Green Book" One of the industry's standard tutors. I wonder if they call it "Le Petit Livre Vert". Comes with a CD but as of yet, the CD is still in English.
College of Piping Tutor Book 1 in Gaelic
Price: £17.00
Product ID: Bk COP1 GAE
One of the most widely used piping tutor book, the College's famous "Little Green Book" is now "An Leabhar Beag Uaine". Translated by Mòrag and Fipnnlagh MacNèil this industry standard tutor is now published in the language that spawned so much of our music. The accompanying CD is also in Gaelic.
College of Piping Tutor Book 2
Price: £16.00
Product ID: Bk COP2
Also sporting a new cover, Book 2 from the College covers bagpipe maintenance and history with explanations of all parts of the pipe, advice on choosing an instrument, histories of our music, as well as composers and competitions. There is also a brief section on how to dress properly, an important factor weather you are competing or just performing publicly.
College of Piping Tutor Book 3
Price: £16.00
Product ID: Bk COP3
At 72 pages, the third publication from the College of Piping instruction series takes the learner on to a higher level of tune including common "parade" tunes, dance tunes, and competition tunes. It also includes a variety of technical exercises to improve the player's digital capabilities.
College of Piping Tutor Book 4
Price: £16.00
Product ID: Bk COP4
The fourth tutor book from The College of Piping introduces the learner to the wonderful world of Ceol Mòr, aka Piobaireachd. If you can't spell it, you can't play it. Like the other tutor books, this one comes with a CD.
Donald MacLeod Volume 1
Price: £12.00
Product ID: Bk DM1
The first in a series of six books by Donald MacLeod. This superb player and composer's collection is one of the cornerstones of any serious piping library.With tunes like MacLeod of Mull, (Fr) John MacMillan of Barra, Cabar Feidh as a strathspey, Cameronian Rant, The Smith of Chilliechasie, John Patterson's Mare, and, my personal favorite, The Curlew, you can't not have this book in your library.