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"Piping Live! Masters - Invitational Solo Piping Competition 2005"
Price: £16.00
Product ID: DVTRAX2020
Four or the world's top players, Angus MacColl, Bruce Gandy, Iain Speirs, and Murray Henderson compete at an invitational competition held at the Piping Centre in Glasgow. Hosted by the ineffable John Wilson, this DVD includes interviews with each performer in addition to their performances of a piobaireachd and a march, strathspey, and reel set. Tunes include: Mrs MacLeod of Talliskers Salute; Mrs John MacColl, Atholl Cummers, John Morrison of Assynt House set; The Red Speckled Bull (or Army); The Ross-shire Volunteers, Maggie Cameron, Mrs MacPherson of Inveran set; Nameless Piobaireachd; Edinburgh City Police, Arniston Castle, The Grey Bob set; Beinn a' Ghriain; Crags of Stirling, Tulloch Castle, The Little Cascade set.

 It's a marvellous DVD which plays on both PAL and NTSC systems.
Allan MacDonald - "Dastirum"
Price: £16.00
Product ID: Siubhal2
A musical CD of Allan MacDonald's interpretations of eleven piobaireachds or parts thereof, in which he either sings or plays the tune. Where else but from Allan would you get a CD accompanied by copious scholarly notes as well discussing the history of piobaireachd, composers, and individual tunes? A fascinating listen and read. The book includes photos, illustrations & musical notation. And the disc includes: Lament For Alasdair Dearg; Hiotrotro - chanting of the Urlar; Hiotrotro; The Red Speckled Bull; Lament For Donald Of Laggan; Hihorodo Hao; Port Jean Lindsay; I am Proud To Play A Pipe; A Lament; Lament For Red Hector; The End Of The Little Bridge; Lament For The Young Laird Of Dungallan
Anna Murray - "Into Indigo"
Price: £12.50
Product ID: CDLDL1249
Fabulous playing and singing from the incomparable Lewis piper and Gaelic singer Anna Murray come fifteen tracks that should be in everyone's music library. This disc includes: Finbarr Saunders; Na Goisidich; Saoil A’Mhor; Dolina Mackay; An Ribhinn Bhoidheach; Southpark House; Mairead Nan Cuiread; The Hazy Day; An Deidh’s Mo Mhealladh; Braigh Loch-Iall; A Ghaoil Saoil Am Faigh Mi Thu’; Crann Tara; Gad Ionndrainn
Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band - "Forte - Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall"
Price: £16.00
Product ID: DVMON 117
Recorded live at the annual pre-World's concert in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 2012. Under the leadership of P/M Ross Walker and L/D Gordon Brown, the band presents a tour de force of musicianship, performance, and arranging. The concert showcases a wide range of formidable talent not only with the Grade 1 pipe corps and drum section, with its fabulous two fanfares, but with a stunning performance by the juvenile band. Notice the bags they play?
Cliar - "Gun Tamh"
Price: £13.20
Product ID: SKYECD21
A fabulous mix of traditional and contemporary music featuring top names of the contemporary trad scene: Arthur Cormack, Ingrid Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie MacDonald, Bruce MacGregor and Chaz Stewart. This CD contains: 'Si Nighean mo haoil, anNighean Donn Og; Gaol nam Fear Dubh; Ho Ro mo Chuachag; 9/8 Tunes; Ho mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach; Mo Run air na Maraichean; Strathspey And Reels; Iain Ghlinn Cuaich; Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais; A Nighneag a' Ghraidh; Puirt a Beul; An Gille Mear; Tune Set With Atlan
Daimh - "Crossing Point"
Price: £12.50
Product ID: CDTRAX316
Originally an instrumental group but now with the added plus of singing, Daimh plays high energy music with a Gaelic emphasis. Influences derive from the members' homes in the West Highlands of Scotland, Cape Breton, California and Ireland. This CD includes: Domhnaill Mor; Mo Nighean Chruinn Donn; Trip To Glenfinnan; Anxo's; Nuair A Chi Thu Caileag Bhoidheach; Turbo Shandy; Oran A Mhagarine; Murdo's; Sealg A's Sugradh Nan Gleann; Eather Dubh A Bradhagair; Dram; Polkas.
Donald MacPherson - "A Living Legend"
Price: £18.00
Product ID: Suibhal1
The name Donald MacPherson is one of a pair of names, if not the only one, that comes to mind when one thinks of "the greatest piper of the 20th century". This book and CD contain seven piobaireachds played by Donald: Mac Crimmon's Sweetheart; The Big Spree; Ronald McDonald of Morar's Lament; Lord Lovat's Lament; The Blue Ribbon; Mary's Praise; Donald Gruamah's March. The book, in English, French, German, and Spanish had notes on the tunes, the music, and of course, Donald himself. It is an essential part of anyone's library whether a player of piobaireachd, a learner, or an enthusiast.
Duncan Chisholm - "Cannich"
Price: £13.80
Product ID: CPFCD004
One of Duncan's "Trilogy" CDs, Duncan shows off his ability to elicit both pathos and excitement in equal measure. Thrilling, moving, and just plain lovely - this is Scottish fiddle music at its zenith. This CD contains: I Horo 's Na Hug Oro Eile; Camhanaich Air Machair; Craskie; Isaac's Welcome To The World; The Gentle Light That Wakes Me; Chasing Daylight; Mo Run Geal Og; The Desert Road; Caoineadh Johnny Sheain Jeaic; Loch Mullardoch; The Exile Reels; Mar A Tha.
Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band - "Pride of Princes Street"
Price: £12.50
Product ID: BRHCD66
Recordings of one of Scotland's most famous bands taken from the 1960s when they were at the height of their competitive power having won several World Championships. This disc includes the following: The Road To The Isles; Skye Boat Song; Miss Elpeth Campbell; My Home; Caverhill; The Royal Scottish Pipers Society; The Fair Maid Of Barra; Drum Fanfare; The Piper's Waltz; Seumas MacNeill; Pipe-Major John Stewart; First Jig; The Heroes Of Vittoria.
Finlay MacNeill - "Fonn Is Furan - A Tune and Welcome"
Price: £12.80
Product ID: COMD1009
Gaelic singing by one of the previous generation's most well known singers and pipers; descended from and progenitor of a family steeped the Gaelic oral and musical tradition. This CD contains: 'An Ribhinn Donn; Fagail Bharraidh; An Talla 'M Bu Ghnath Le Macleoid; E Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn; Cumha Lain Ghairbh; O Na Cuir Cul Rium; An T-Eilean Mu Thuath; Gur Tu Mo Chruinneag; Bo Mhor Nam Balach; Thig An Smeorach As T-Earrach; Tri Fichead Bliadhna 'S A Tri; Mala Chaol Is Beul Tana; Piobaireachd Dhomhnaill Dhuibh; Piobaireachd Dhomhnaill Dhuibh
Fred Morrison & Jamie McMenemy - "Up South"
Price: £12.80
Product ID: CDLDL1313
Fred is his usual brilliant self on Highland, Border, & Uillean pipes, as well as whistle. Backed up by Jamie on bouzouki, this CD makes for some exciting listening. It includes: Jamie’s Tune; The Mistress Of The House; Passing Places; The Ladies From Hell; Tony’s Tune; Coire Bheinn;  Leaving Lochmaddy; The Lochaber Dance; The Old School House; The Earl Of Seaforth’s Salute.
Fred Morrison - "The Sound of the Sun"
Price: £12.80
Product ID: CDLDL1284
An absolute legend, Fred plays border pipes, uillean pipes, and low D whistle for this exciting mix of old and new music accompanied by fiddles, guitar and bouzouki. This CD contains: La Paulettina; Donald Maclean’s Farewell To Oban; The Wedding Reel; The Sound Of The Sun; Frances Morton’s; Colin’s Cattle; Alick C Macgregor; Didi’s Tune; John Mcfadyen Of Melfort; Sheenagh’s Waltz; Sandy Cameron; Drumbuie.