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Airtight Seasoning
Price: £9.50
Product ID: MS1
From RG Hardie, the longest established and most widely used bag seasoning. Used by top players of hide and skin bags worldwide, this seasoning feeds the leather, keeping it both supple and airtight (hence the name). It helps absorb moisture, and seals any possible leaks along the welt and, no, it really doesn't smell bad. If it does, something must be wrong. Now comes in a plastic... er... tin which prevents oxidation of the seasoning. Remember when it used to lay in the tin tin and turn black and smell and be useless? "Nut anee more!" as Inspector Clouseau would say.
Hemp - unwaxed yellow
Price: £7.00
Product ID: MH1
What pipers call "hemp" is really linen thread. Go figure. Perhaps in days of yore they actually used hemp. This 50 gram roll comes unwaxed and is the old standby for those who want to apply their own beeswax. Doing that usually tends to make the hemp stronger because it lays down the fibers of the thread. The resultant hand waxed hemp is usually stronger than the pre-waxed yellow hemp.
Hemp - waxed black
Price: £9.60
Product ID: MH3
This waxed black hemp (actually linen thread) is coated with a wax more brittle and slippery than beeswax and has a greater tensile strength than the yellow hemp because it is thicker. For some reason it generally seems to have a very slightly more consistent diameter than the yellow hemp - generally. It is waxed black hemp, not "black waxed" hemp as some refer to it. It does not have the sticky properties of the old cobbler's wax so if you are hemping a joint with it you need to ensure you have lain the bottom layers down neatly and tightly. Trying to apply black sticky wax to this hemp does not generally work too well as the friction needed to melt the wax onto the hemp is not generated due to the presence of the pre-existing wax on the hemp.
Hemp - waxed yellow
Price: £8.60
Product ID: MH2
This 50 gram roll of yellow hemp (linen thread) comes waxed with beeswax. It tends to break a little more easily when pressure is applied then unwaxed hemp to which beeswax is applied but is handy for a quick fix, addition to a joint or reed seat.